Project FireLight

FireLight LogoProject FireLight represents a new, highly narrative approach to the use of digital video for patient and family engagement in healthcare settings and at home.  First-person, patient-led video content that combines a strong narrative with clinical information has the potential for breakthrough success in patient/family empowerment, motivation and engagement — as well as impact on health outcomes. 

FireLight will address two critical problems for providers and insurers facing a future of value-based payments and risk bearing: fostering shared decision making to drive optimal usage and high value choices, and delivering exceptional patient experience.

Project FireLight emerges from two truths about today’s consumer environment:  1) video content is ubiquitous and has become the habitual method of information intake for millions; and 2) narratives engage user attention and can change behavior far more effectively than the ‘teach and preach’ style traditionally used to communicate healthcare information.

FireLight will create a library of patient-centered, narrative-driven video content that will foster choices leading to improved outcomes while contributing to the achievement of key provider metrics and measures.  This approach is supported by evidence that well crafted narratives can engage, educate, and even change behavior — to address the toughest challenges of serving growing patient populations with chronic conditions.

FireLight is unique in its use of story-driven content that conveys the first-person experiences of patients while incorporating comments from doctors and relatives/caregivers.  It’s contemporary, engaging, and will educate and empower patients via in-room interactive systems, patient-facing apps, and extensions to a provider’s (or insurer’s) online presence and patient portals.

ProjectFirelight is led by BCF founder and executive producer, Jim Jusko.  Population health expert, Dr. Scott Kaiser, is a senior advisor to the Project.

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