No Boundaries - Fox Reality Channel, the WB, Sony Television

No BoundariesThe NO BOUNDARIES expedition features 15 participants as they make their way to the Arctic Circle on a 30-day journey through spectacular wilderness that will demand teamwork, leadership and sheer determination. Ultimately, only the most resourceful leader will win the Grand prize of $100,000 cash and a Ford Explorer. Troy Hartman, a world-ranked skysurfer, X-Games champion and host of MTV’s “Senseless Acts of Video,” hosts.

Their journey will include travel by train, commercial fishing boat, seaplane, racing yacht and llama. To claim the prize , they will have to rock climb; traverse raging river waters in canoes, rafts and kayaks; rappel down jagged cliffs into caves; mountain bike; cross river canyons suspended by cables; hike along the ocean coastline; bushwhack through dense forests and traverse a crevasse-filled glacier.

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