American Red Cross working with Base Camp Films to Document Activities of the Hurricane Disaster Workers

Sept. 15, 2005 

For the first time in its history, the American Red Cross has allowed crews to embed with its volunteers and staff as it conducts the largest natural disaster response it has ever faced. Base Camp Films has joined disaster workers in the hardest hit areas of New Orleans, and also the Red Cross Alert Team in southern Florida as they prepare for Hurricane Wilma.

“Katrina and Rita have touched the hearts of the entertainment industry…individuals and companies have donated invaluable expertise and goods,” says Brady Connell, Executive Producer and director for Base Camp. “Wexler Video has been a strong supporter of our efforts, and camera operators and vendors have volunteered equipment, vehicles, and even futons to the effort.”

Base Camp partner James A. Jusko hopes that the show will provide a behind the scenes look at the historic response and will inspire viewers to become involved. “The Red Cross is in the middle of its largest volunteer recruitment in its history. The scope of Katrina is overwhelming relief efforts will continue for months…years. The stories of the Red Cross volunteers need to continue to be told,” says Jusko.

Base Camp and the Red Cross intend for the footage to be broadcast as a series of specials, eventually leading an annual slate of specials documenting the most dramatic stories of the Red Cross each year.